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Substation Equipment Testing and Maintenance Services

Power and Industrial Plants, Transmission, Distribution, Large Commercial Buildings


1. Power Transformers HV/MV

a) All Electrical Tests and

b) Oil Purification / Filtering & all Oil Tests

2. Transformer oil purification 

3. HV Gas Circuit Breaker (SF6)

4. HV Current Transformers

5. HV Potential Transformers

6. HV Disconnecting Switches
7. HV Lightning Arresters

8. HV Power Cables

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Medium Voltage Switchgear Equipment Testing and Maintenance Services

Power, Industrial, Manufacturing Plants, Large Commercial Buildings

1. Power Transformers MV/MV, MV/LV:

a) Oil and dry type

b) All Electrical Tests and Oil Tests

2. MV Circuit Breakers GCB and VCB

3. MV Current Transformers

4. MV Potential Transformers

5. MV Disconnecting Switches
6. MV Lightning Arresters

7. Power Cables

8. MV Bus 

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Protective Relays Testing Services

Power, Industrial, Manufacturing Plants, Large Commercial Buildings


1. Power Transformer protection relays
2. Generator protection relays
3. MV Motors protection relays
4. Power Line protection relays

5. Feeder protection relays

6. Bus protection relays

7. Bay protection relays

* All relay functions


UPS, DC Charger, Battery  System Testing & Maintenance

1. Industrial UPS and battery system annual maintenance and servicing and testing

2. Industrial DC Charger and battery system maintenance, servicing an testing

3. FTR Fault Transient Recorder system maintenance, servicing, testing


Power Quality Analysis and Solutions and thermographic surveys

1. Power Quality Analysis and Solutions services

2. Thermographic inspection / survey services


Generator, MV Motor Testing and Maintenance and Other Electrical Equipment Testing Services

1. Generator MOH

2. MV Motor Testing, Maintenance and Servicing

3. Other Electrical Equipment Testing Services

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